Euro top mattress VS Pillow top mattress

Euro top mattress is a high quality mattress. Is made from quality materials and is a little pricey.

The euro top mattress type can be made from different support materials and comfort levels.

But, most used support level is innerspring. For the euro top mattress the innerspring comes in individually wrapped coils and the comfort layer comes from gel memory foam padding.

Euro Top Mattress style in Pensacola Florida

What is the difference of a pillow top mattress and euro top mattress?

The pillow on top of the mattress

  • Pillow top mattress comes with a pillow sewn on top of the mattress
  • Euro top has the same pillow on top of the mattress, but is sewn together with the mattress

The difference between a pillow top mattress and a euro top mattress is visible. The comfort cover of the mattress comes together with the mattress and you will not notice or feel the pillow on top of the mattress.

On the pillow top mattress, you can see the pillow on top of the mattress.

Mattress lifespan

Euro top mattresses tend to last longer, because of the quality materials, density of support layers and cushion of the top layer. The padding layer is stitched under the cover and in this way the mattress is more stable and gives you more support.

Euro Top Mattress - Comfortable Mattress!

Premium materials

The materials in the euro top mattress tend to be of a higher quality. That is why the euro top mattresses are called premium mattresses.

The euro top mattress has an extra padding on top of the support layer, but the padding comes underneath the top cover.

And, unlike the pillow top padding, does not look like an extra layer on top of the support layer.